Anti-Bullying Three Tier Program $1630*

Anti-Bullying Three Tier Program $1630*
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 TIER I: Kick-off Bullying & Suicide Prevention Assembly Presentation & Mini-concert: Conducted by one of Hey U.G.L.Y.'s media personalities who have survived bullying. These presentations get the students engaged, excited and on board.

                                                                      S P E A K E R S

Singer/songwriter DEVYN RUSH, who gained popularity as a featured artist on American Idol, was bullied so badly she didn't want to go to school and never felt good enough. But then she learned to love herself and she shares this story in Hey U.G.L.Y.'s interactive assembly presentation that includes a mini-concert of her self-esteem-building songs I AM ENOUGH and RUN AWAY.

Singer/songwriter DAN EVANS who overcame his addiction to food and lost 132 pounds on NBC's popular show, The Biggest Loser. Dan helps students understand the importance of loving and respecting themselves in order to break free from self-destructive behaviors like smoking, drinking and drugs. Dan makes it clear that behaviors like drama, anger and most importantly self-bullying all stem from a lack of self-worth. During this inspiring interactive presentation, he performs songs from his chart-topping CD, GOIN' ALL OUT, including the powerful LETTER TO MY ADDICTION.

Hey U.G.L.Y. co-founder, SPORTY KING who inspired millions when he was nationally syndicated on WGN-TV helps students learn to turn negatives into positives in his award-winning assembly presentation.

Average survey results from students attending these presentations are: 87% have not been bullied since the presentation; 86% reported not bullying anyone; 77% now recognize when they are having negative judgments against themselves and others; and 69% state they learned to cancel out negative judgments and replace them with positive thoughts.

TIER II: Student-led Stop Bullying Task Force Program: Teachers take a group of 20 students through Hey U.G.L.Y.'s 5-hour Stop Bullying Task Force Program Curriculum. The group is comprised of students who have been bullied, are bullies and are bystanders to bullying situations. Once students complete the course and are certified, they will teach what they learned to their younger classmates. Since having to face your peer as a judge is a deterrent to bullying, principals can invite a task force member to preside over hearing the stories of the bully and bullied.

Tier III: Sustainability: Hey U.G.L.Y.'s monthly Empathy Learning Activity Plans (ELAP) continue the important character education lessons of empathy, self-respect, kindness, and non-judgment. Additionally, all Hey U.G.L.Y. programs contain mandated learning standards to help educators incorporate these programs into daily curriculum and keep it going continuously throughout the school year, thus reinforcing the excitement and lessons laid down in the inspiring assembly presentation.


*Airfare, lodging, ground transportation, car rental/fuel and per diem meal expenses will be additional charges if speaker needs to travel more than two hours from their home base.


Contact Hey U.G.L.Y. at or call 219-814-4224 to book your speaker.


"When I found Hey U.G.L.Y. I thought hallelujah, someone gets it! Not only do they understand the potential causes and types of bullying besieging our youth, but they have put it into learning activities that enable our children to emotionally experience, assimilate and be empowered. The activities engage participants minds and bodies and provide "aha moments" of clarity, empathy and emotional growth. Hey U.G.L.Y. learning opportunities build self-esteem and deliver diversity building messages, give participants the opportunity to recognize and test preconceived beliefs, and explore, challenge and change personal opinions and values. Participants come to understand the harm that can be inflicted by cyberbullying and how to identify positive role models. If we want to eradicate bullying, then we must equip our youth with the essential tools! Schools everywhere need to enlighten and empower our youth to stop bullying and start caring! Hey U.G.L.Y. does this and more." Jerri Karel, MSW

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