Anti-Bullying Program $350

Anti-Bullying Program $350
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Empower youth to be part of the solution to bullying. Easy-to-use and teacher/counselor endorsed life changing curriculum includes 20 Stop Bullying Handbooks and the Hue-Man Being Project DVD. You can use the curriculum throughout your school or set up a student-run Stop Bullying Task Force. We suggest you taking 20 students through our 5-hour Stop Bullying Task Force Program. Make sure your group is comprised of students who have been bullied, are bullies and are bystanders to bullying situations. Once students complete the course and are certified, they can teach what they learned to younger classmates. 

This world-class program is jam packed with interactive programs and peer learning that gets measuralbe results. All of our programs come with pre-and poost-tests to help you measure the effectiveness of our programs so you can share the results with us, your board, parents and the community-at-large.


Go to Don't take our word for it, read what educators have to say:

“I recently conducted Hey U.G.L.Y.’s Stop Bullying Program with five teen girls at summer camp. After the program I was amazed to see the girls put what they learned into action so quickly. That afternoon they squelched two bullying situations. One was among young girls who were making one of the girls cry. The other episode was with older boys who were bullying younger kids. I highly recommend this program.”  Dalia Vitkus, Youth Advocate and MS in Criminal Justice.

 “Hey U.G.L.Y.'s Stop Bullying Program has helped the students become more sensitive to the well-being and safety of their peers. The newly formed Hey U.G.L.Y. Stop Bullying Task Force is aware that bullying happens in school and they are on guard to help and protect their fellow students. They show solidarity and support for their peers. These are GREAT traits to see in kids at such a young age.  We can't expect kids to know what social justice, diversity, prejudice, and self-esteem are (the kids at our school didn't) until we TEACH them. We can't expect kids to have skills to stand up for their peers unless we teach them. Hey U.G.L.Y.'s Stop Bullying Task Force Program gives kids what they need to be proactive peace makers not only in their schools but also in their future. Even if it doesn't seem like bullying is a problem in your school, you may not SEE the problem until you TEACH kids to become sensitive to clues that show there is a problem. This program has been a great help at our school!”  Katherine Kohler, Assistant Counselor, Rolling Prairie Elementary

 “Every school has a bullying problem whether they are aware of it or not and whether they are acting on it or not. The Hey U.G.L.Y. program is a way to really get students to take ownership of their behaviors.  I think this program also encourages other students to step in if they see something happening that shouldn't.  I think the curriculum is well written and the activities are interesting to the kids. They enjoyed the activities but more importantly they learned while they were doing them.” Cary Miller, teacher

“Children invariably have the experience in a community, in a class community, of seeing teasing, or being teased or feeling like they need to tease. Hey U.G.L.Y.’s program helps them self-discover that's wrong and it’s not the way to build community. This kind of experience helps them understand and learn that building community means being good to each other not being mean to each other. This program has raised awareness with each individual child and with teachers because adults, without meaning to, can be overbearing and that doesn't help kids develop or strengthen themselves.” Dr. Sue Bryant, Principal



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