Laughtercising - Vol. 1 CD $10

Laughtercising -  Vol. 1 CD $10
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  • Item #: Laughtercising Vol. 1

Laugh it Off Vol 1 has been called the "CURE FOR ROAD RAGE" by comedian/actor/playwright, Tom Dreesen. If you've got stress or want to drop a few pounds start Laughtercising(TM) with Laugh It Off Vol 1 containing 60 minutes of contagious Laughter. Use the Laugh It Off CD alone, with your friends or to jump-start a party. Join the Laughtercising movement and work your abs by laughing for ten minutes nonstop.

Laughter has been proven to reduce stress, improve heart health, lowerer cholesterol and impact weight loss. 


Go to to read about the health benefits of laughter.

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