Harmony Happens ELAP $21.00

Harmony Happens ELAP $21.00
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Enable students to recognize, and create, harmonious happenings in their life. Unfortunately, there is no healthy long term escape from the chaos that can occur in the world. It can be an arduous task for students to see harmony when we are all bombarded with world and local tragedies. But for every story that we read about some heartbreaking occurrence, we must remind ourselves that there are hundreds and thousands of stories where people of all hues come together in peace and harmony. However, there is something that those who have influence in the lives of young people can do. We can help them recognize, and create, harmony happenings. This session will help your students recall times when they were at concerts, sporting events, etc. where people of all races were getting along harmoniously. About this ELAP - This ELAP is separated in two parts. Part One helps students be aware of how their actions can aid in making harmony happen. Part Two asks students to seek out others that are of a different race/religion/social background to find common ground and as a group make harmony happen.

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