Newsflash ELAP $21.00

Newsflash ELAP $21.00
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Help your students increase their understanding that people develop different perspectives and attitudes about the same situation depending on whether they are a ... parent, teacher, popular student, athlete, etc. This ELAP will help students explore personal, school, community and societal views of who deserves respect. Unfortunately, students often struggle with a conflict between what they believe to be right and the types of people who tend to be respected in the world. In school, for example, respected students tend to be those who excel in sports, have certain body types, wear designer clothes or stand out in some other ways. While many of those students may in fact deserve respect, the notion that the respect comes from wealth or status places it beyond the reach of a large number of students. What is also missing from this scenario is insight into how these "respected" students actually feel about themselves. The headlines about many of our celebrities is proof that while there are more than a few who enjoy the admiration, respect and adoration of millions of fans, their lack of self-esteem and self-respect is evident in the stories of illicit drug use, excessive drinking, eating disorders and other self-destructive behaviors. Being admired, respected, even loved by millions does not ensure that someone has a healthy, positive sense of self. This session will help students discover that in order to be healthy, self-respect and self-esteem must come more from internal factors which they may learn to control, rather than external factors over which they have little control.

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