BANNER: Signable Bullying Prevention Pledge

BANNER:  Signable Bullying Prevention Pledge
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Involve your students in creating a bully free school by having them take our pledge and sign the Bullying Prevention Banner. I PROMISE TO STOP BULLYING AND RESPECT OTHERS' FEELINGS is a pledge written by Hey U.G.L.Y.'s first stop bullying task force of sixth grade students.

Our signable banners are manufactured from 13oz heavy-duty outdoor vinyl utilizing the newest digital 720dpi printing technology. Our banners are very durable and will hold up well through several years of indoor or outdoor use. Banners have a 2 year outdoor fade resistance and an indoor life expectancy of 5+ years. Our banners are machine welded with a 1-inch hem (strongest hem in the industry - superior to glue, tape or stick-on tabs) and come standard with grommets in the corners and spaced along the edges every 2-3 feet. Additional finishing options (pole pockets and rope hems) are also available.

Your students can either sign the banner with a marker or they can cut out silhouettes of their hands, write their names on the silhouette, then the can paste it on the banner.




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