DEAL FEEL HEAL Tee, BoHo, Tank and/or Hoodie

DEAL FEEL HEAL Tee, BoHo, Tank and/or Hoodie
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In classrooms across the globe there are students who do not know how to deal with their emotional pain. Whether coming from homes where a cycle of domestic abuse exists and/or suffering the daily barrage of bullying, stress and pressure at school, these students are numbing their emotional pain with underage drinking, binge drinking, Heroin or Cocaine. In some cases they are ending their lives. Our new DEAL FEEL HEAL program empowers youth to choose healthy ways to heal their hurt feelings. Wear the shirt as a reminder to us all that we can DEAL FEEL AND HEAL our pain instead of stuff it with unhealthy alternatives.


Note:  BoHo Shirt only available in the following colors:  Tangerine, Neon Pink, Poppy, Neon Yellow, Lime, Turquoise and Black. Please send us a note in the order form letting us know what color you want if you are ordering a BoHo Shirt.

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