Laughtercising - Chocolate and Chuckles $13

Laughtercising - Chocolate and Chuckles $13
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Chocolate and CHUCKLES is a great holiday gift idea.  It features scrumptuous Organic Dark Chocolate comes from Newman's Own Organics where they give away all their royalty payments after taxes to educational and charitable organizations, and the CHUCKLES come from our Laughtercising(TM) Vol. 1 CD which benefits Hey U G L Y.


Wrapped in festive wrapping paper, Chocolate and CHUCKLES will not only tickle everyone's funny bone with 60 minutes of contagious laughter on the CD, it will also delight the most discerning palettes.

Laughter has been proven to reduce stress, improve heart health, lowerer cholesterol and impact weight loss.  Go to to read about the health benefits of laughter.

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Price $13.00